Why do you ask me for my insurance information at each visit?
To ensure that your insurance information is accurate and current. Please bring your insurance card to every visit.  

What is the cost of my visit?
If you are insured, the cost of the visit will be your co-pay (if you have one). If you are uninsured, the cost of your visit is determined by your household income and family size - ask about our sliding-fee-scale.  

Are you a “free clinic”?
Although we provide services regardless of a patient’s ability to pay, we are not a free clinic. Uninsured patients are offered a discount based on their family size and income (sliding-fee-scale).  

Do you take walk-ins?
Walk-ins are accepted daily during office hours.  

Do you offer anonymous HIV testing?
We do offer confidential rapid HIV testing. Results from rapid HIV tests are available within 15 minutes after the test is performed.  

I like to see the same provider every time I visit the health center. Can I always see the same provider?
We encourage all patients to have a primary care provider (PCP). You can then schedule all of your appointments with this provider. When scheduling an appointment, please ask for your PCP by name. Having a PCP who knows you well promotes “continuity” and leads to better health.  

How can I make an Appointment?
Please call 713-734-0199 / Toll Free: 1-844-644-0000 prior to your expected visit or on the morning you would like to be seen. You will be scheduled for an appointment according to the availability of your primary care provider. When calling, please clearly state the purpose for your visit. Bring a list of the medications you are currently taking or your pill bottles. Give all forms that need to be completed to the medical assistant at the beginning of your visit.  

What if I need to cancel my Appointment?
If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify our office by calling 713-734-0199 / Toll Free: 1-844-644-0000 at least 24 hours in advance. This courtesy allows us to reschedule your appointment to better meet your needs.  
How can I communicate with my provider or other members of the provider team if I need clinical advice during business hours?
During business hours, call the main number 713-734-0199 / Toll Free: 1-844-644-0000 to leave a message for your primary care provider. The provider and/or the nurse will get back to you that same day.  

What if I need to talk to my provider when the office is closed?
For urgent medical concerns on nights, holidays and weekends, the answering service will take your name and phone number and contact the provider on call. You can call 713-734-0199 / Toll Free: 1-844-644-0000. For life-threatening medical emergencies, please call 911.  

What if I need a medication refill?
Please call 713-734-0199 / Toll Free: 1-844-644-0000 if you need a medication refill. Please provide the name of the medication, the dosage and your pharmacy name and phone number available. Please allow 48 hours for all medication refills.  

How can I obtain a Referral?
To obtain a referral, it must be authorized by your doctor by means of an electronic prescription, and we will need the following information to complete referral: patient name; date of birth; phone number. If calling in, we will need the specialist's name and phone number, the test you need and reason for referral.  

What if I need a form completed?
If you need a form filled out, please bring it with you to your office visit. Please allow five business days for completion. When dropping off forms, please complete all information that applies to the patient. If someone is picking up your form, please provide their name with a letter from you authorizing them to pick up your form. (The person will need to show photo ID.)  

How Do I Obtain Copies of My Records?
When requesting copies of your record, Privacy Laws require you to give written authorization for us to divulge medical information about you. You will be asked to fill out a “Release of Information” form. If someone is picking up the copies of your records, please provide their name on the “Release of Information” form. The person authorized to pick up copies must provide a photo ID. Medical records sent directly to healthcare providers and immunization records are free of charge.
What if I am a Minor (under the age of 18)?
All Minors (under the age of 18) coming in for a primary care visit must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Parents, please note that any child under the age of 18 can receive reproductive health treatment and/or behavioral health services without parental consent. By law, Central Care is not allowed to release information about these visits to parents or guardians.  

How are my medical records kept confidential?
All of your medical records are kept private and confidential as protected by HIPPA privacy laws. Your medical records cannot be released without your signature.  

If you have any additional questions you may contact us by calling 713-734-0199 / Toll Free: 1-844-644-0000 or emailing




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